Genre: Drama

Running Time: 105 min

Release Date: 17 Apr 2020


Language: English

Inspired by the story of Moremi Ajasoro, the warrior Queen of Ife, who delivers her people from destruction in the hands of her sworn nemesis Jagan. In present day world, Moremi’s prophesied son is manifested in Luke, a young aspiring music artiste. Orphaned at birth and raised by his aunt, Luke is suddenly flung into a battle of two worlds; of light and darkness. He joins forces with The Saints, a group of people charged with the duty of protecting the legacy of Moremi, and together they must employ all their wits to defeat the ferocious warlord from the past, Jagan. Amidst all, Luke has no choice but to take the biggest test of his life; choose between a destiny of honor or his dazzling dream of music and fame.

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